A pathetic or unimpressive victory or success.
Good for you! You won the tennis match, but it was against a 10 year old girl. What a greenberg!
by nirho December 13, 2010
The art of recieiving fellatio after finger-banging some random chick, on the dance floor, in the middle of a party...while everyone is watching!
This Guy! Just got "The Greenberg" while listening to Barbie Girl by Aqua!
by Matt Alts December 3, 2007
The name of the family from the descendents of King David in the ancient times of Israel. Ancient Israelian prophets predicted that descendents from the Greenberg family would give birth to the messiah in the freedomland desert. People today believe that the freedomland desert is in the United States possibly the southwest. The Greenberg Family is the Holy Family and the holders of the Davidic Covenant.
An example of Greenberg is a member of the Davidic Covenant, and a Descendent from Kind David and Solomon from ancient Israel.
by Franklin Weinstein March 3, 2008
The act of flatulating into another persons water bottle or can.
excuse me, does your pepsi taste like Greenberg too?
by ALEXANDER JAMES LOSO November 1, 2011
An over zealous plan to build a city made entirely of Lego's. Devised in 2006 by a group of driven and charismatic individuals.
"Man, that Project Greenberg was a huge flop."
by Joe E Bombz aka Bells June 26, 2013
Bryan Greenberg is a singer, songwriter, and actor. Best known for his roles on One Tree Hill, October Road and How to Make it in America and his songs "Someday", "Waiting for Now", and for playing guitar on Will.I.Am's "Yes We Can" song.

Basically, he's legit.
Oh. My. God. I love Bryan Greenberg. It's a shame that he wasted years of his talent on that shitty One Tree Hill show. That shit is FUCKED!
by emlycartman May 1, 2010
a pervy man who glares at everyone that he dislikes which would include everyone. he wears the same shirt every day and eats off the floor. old greenberg is glued to a small silver whistle and pervs at everyone with his micropig that he owns.
charlie - ''see ronni, what do you think of him?''
ross - ''bit of an old greenberg tbh.''
by scottdastalker May 29, 2011