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Get ready. Used for online games such as Socom. Used to tell people to get ready so that a game can start.
by Karthas March 14, 2004
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To adopt environmentally friendly practices, without functional or financial sacrifice.

To utilize the latest eco-friendly technology to minimize negative human impact on the planet.

To reduce waste and promote eco-friendly consumption.
Since we decided to GreenUp, our customers have appreciated what we are doing for the planet. Our costs have not risen and traffic has increased as word has spread about our biodegradable products.
by Eco-consumer February 05, 2010
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College Hunks Hauling Junk's environmentally friendly way of removing and disposing of junk.
On Earth Day, the College Hunks found some condemned properties and trashed lots in Newark, NJ and donated their time and services to GreenUp the properties.
by CJ the Hunk April 26, 2013
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verb. Expression used in several multiplayer online games referring to strengthening or powering up. Originated in the game Subspace where players had to collect green objects to power up their ship.
by Masamune November 18, 2003
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A British term for someone who has taken too many drugs or alcohol and cannont handle it and they are sick.
Did you see Greg green up last night?
Ah mate, i had too much and greened up
by devvonshire May 17, 2007
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