Created by combining Grungy and Raunchy. Is one level above Grimey.
That chick is Graunchy!

That's some Graunchy smelling soup.
by Rod Sanzchez February 25, 2006
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An itchy mood experienced when you are simultaneously grumpy, horny, hungry and hungover.
I didn't get laid at Tony's party and I slept in til 2pm. I'm feelin' graunchy today.
by Uncle Bobe December 1, 2007
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1. Unwashed pubic hair
2. water with large amounts of unknown objects and/or seaweed in it
3. an object that is both grody and raunchy
4. something that makes someone throw up, just from looking at it
"Hey man, did you see that girls graunchy pubes in math class?"
"I wouldn't jump in that water, it's graunchy."
"After I saw her graunchy cellulite, I threw up everywhere."
"That redneck kid was so graunchy, that i had to leave.
by falmeth June 2, 2010
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basically it applies to the things in life that aren’t perfect but you can still find beauty in, making it perfect

like parker’s door taped on, my natural random hair, the fact that i have crack heads coming to my door at one in the morning talking about how his girlfriend is poisoning him, and the fact that i only wear one pair of jeans every day cause i only have like two
graunchy is seeing what you have, which what would usually be seen as bad, and finding appreciation in what you have and loving every bit of it
natural free poor minimalistic appreciative happy bliss positive random fait vibe ghetto
“aye you look graunchy bro”

“i’m smoking cigarettes for dinner”
-“damn, that’s graunchy”

“aye man, i just got off work, you tryna graunch around?”

“bro you just ate a tortilla with just hot sauce, are you good bro? do you need groceries?”
-“bro it’s good, its a hot sauce taco, i’m just graunchin’”

“i had to open a can of chili with just a spoon because we didn’t have any food in the motel and we didn’t know where mom was”
-“it was graunchy”

“remember when we had to wash our socks by hand in the bath tub?”
-“yeah, damn that shit was graucnhy”

“my shoe has holes and no soles, it’s pretty graunchy”
by lehandle?.. March 26, 2019
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Same as raunchy but the added g makes it sound like you're growling like a bear or a horny dude so it goes with being raunchy
Sometimes Reddit can get pretty graunchy.
by gregin' (Greg Dahlen) April 17, 2021
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