5 definitions by falmeth

1. Unwashed pubic hair
2. water with large amounts of unknown objects and/or seaweed in it
3. an object that is both grody and raunchy
4. something that makes someone throw up, just from looking at it
"Hey man, did you see that girls graunchy pubes in math class?"
"I wouldn't jump in that water, it's graunchy."
"After I saw her graunchy cellulite, I threw up everywhere."
"That redneck kid was so graunchy, that i had to leave.
by falmeth June 2, 2010
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choosing to be blind by closing your eyes all the time
See that guy with his eyes closed, he's blind by choice.
by falmeth November 28, 2010
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Sex In Random Public Places
"We sirpped at The Food Court last friday."
by falmeth February 15, 2012
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a mixture of all the colors of powerade
I put all the powerades together and made a power ranger.
by falmeth December 21, 2010
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A drink that enables the drinker to become virtually indestructible. Allows extended life. best taken in a act of need. Ex. Before Battle, Before adventures, Before love making.

Ingredients: Thats for me to know, and you to never find out.

PS. Mind control is a minor side effect.
"I feel so good after taking that ELIXER OF LIFE!"

"YEaaaa budddy, I love taking the EoL. That shit is the

by falmeth July 12, 2010
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