When a server, who doesn't inform a guest that the gratuity has already been added to the bill...and the guest leaves a gratuity on top of the total of the bill. Usually accidental when guest pays with cash, but can happen purposely with an additional gratuity line on a credit card receipt.
"I just got a double grat on table 23!!"
by atmedved January 24, 2012
Kind of like slang for congratulations back at you. You are flipping the “grats
Graduate #1: congratulations dude!
Graduate #2: flipping grats, dude!
by AdventurousPineapple July 29, 2020
1. A figurative vehicle one "rides on" after doing something "1337". This word is often preceded by the phrase "take a ride on (the)". "Grats Mobile" is also used frequently in a sarcastic manner to poke fun at someone who claims to have accomplished something great, but in actually has accomplished nothing noteworthy.

2. A vehicle that is so dilapidated and/or fugly that it is funny.
Noobhata: LOLZ i pwned that nublar!1! roflcakes!!11!!!1!

Pureownaged00d: Take a ride on the Grats Mobile,loser. That took no skill!
by MattW July 28, 2005
A restaurant server not informing their guest that a gratuity has already been posted to their check (as is policy in many establishments on tables of 6 or 8 or more guests), thereby the guest tips again not realizing it has been included, resulting in the waiter receiving, basically, a double gratuity.
Yeah, but that made his night. Ahhh, the double grat scam...
by chance tripper January 25, 2011
A phrase used in the early days of World of Warcraft. "Blue"-rarity ("rare") items aren't as good as purple-rarity ("epic") ones, therefore getting excited about getting a blue item is usually mocked, as it isn't purple.

The phrase is used sarcastically whenever someone gets excited about an easy-to-complete event, an item that isn't that great or hard to obtain, or doing something not that impressive.
Noob in guildchat: "I just beat Wailing Caverns and got my sweet Armor of the Fang!"
Veteran WoW player: "...grats on your blue."
Newbie: "Hurray, I got my mount!"
l33t raider: "grats on your blue, noob."
by impsythealmighty May 10, 2009
a blog centered on and themed to examples of gratitude in the writer's life and times; more often than not it is in the format of a bloghop, i.e. publishing a blog and encouraging others to contribute and participate
The Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) is one of the most popular grat-blogs around
by January 7, 2023