A word meaning to have a feeling of both satisfaction and gratification.

Also, an awesome song by The Strokes.
I got a great feeling of gratisfaction while listening to "Gratisfaction" by The Strokes.
by IzeOfTheWorld May 13, 2011
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Gratisfaction is a feeling of contentment associated with getting something for nothing. From the word Gratis meaning without charge or payment combined with satisfaction gives once a feeling of gratisfaction.
Gary was overcome with a feeling of gratisfaction when his freebie arrived courtesy of Gratisfaction UK
by DanceYrselfClean March 05, 2015
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Similar to satisfaction but it is had by strictly female population. Commonly used in northern NJ, specifically sussex county.
I get my satisfaction while she gets her gratisfaction
by room718 February 25, 2010
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A word combining both satisfaction and gratification the result being utter satiation. This word has sexual undertones.
I acheive gratisfaction while watching the OC.
by Cassandra Lori August 11, 2006
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