A sweet girl that is creative and a great friend. She is really athletic and smart . Always funny when needed.Loves animals . Thinks of other people's before herself. She has lots of perseverance. Risk taker but knows the right thing to do. Never a teachers favorite but still works as hard as possible.
by Saydee lynn June 5, 2017
A fucking sexy ass girl that gives the best head and will treat you with respect, but only if you respect her.
by Hsjeejvz December 20, 2018
The most incredible guy. He is extremely creative, talented, and caring. He is hilarious and outgoing. He can be shy if he doesn't know you, but will have you laughing your butt off once you get to know him! He likes getting his way though, so watch out if you don't let him have his way! Careful ladies, he will break your heart without even trying with that perfect smile!
Grasyn is such a dreamy guy, just look at that smile!
by Riverflood November 28, 2018
when you go over to an ugly bitches house to fuck then secretly pee all over her toilet seat after eating out her asshole and then entice her with an A+ renegade before leaving
I met up with a tinder bitch just to pull a dirty grasyn
by kjontheblock September 8, 2021