noun, crude:
-the pubic hair found on the frontal pubic region of a man.
Sentence form: Bobby gave himself a porno trim before his hot date so that his grass would not tickle her ass"
by Websters-II March 16, 2005
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A name pertaining to someone who wears glasses and is an extremely sexy badass. He may seem shy at first but once you get to know him he'll be your best friend. No woman can resist his body or his glamorous hair style. To top it off he is very humorous and can make anybody laugh. Grasses has superb talent and knowledge and it is said he created the universe in which we live in. One day all will bow down to him.
Girl 1: Hey you know Grasses? He's soooo freaking hot.

Girl 2: I know right!? I love him sososo much.

Girl 3: Back off he's mine!

Boy: What a sexy beast....
by Super Secret Admirer May 01, 2012
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refering to a young girl. Originated from the saying "if there is grass on the field, play ball"
I think you should check ID on the grass. It looks like jail bait. 16 will get you 20.
by creole76 April 27, 2009
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1. a negative adjective, to describe something with disdain

2. to describe a feeling of disgust
1. Tanisha is grass

2. grass. wtf grass. tanisha is so grass. wtf grass.
by Celia Roberts July 10, 2008
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G-rass reffers to the slang word used to sly-ly describe Weed, Or In General Drugs.

Although is mainly used to reffer to weed.

"I'm going to hit the Links with some Crates and maybe some G-rass... "
by 190Man091 April 03, 2009
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The most awesome thing your eyes have ever seen.
Dude, DJ Pauli's megamix is so grass. YEAAAHHH!
by Drewski LeChrome July 15, 2011
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