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Grass Valley located in california where all you can do for fun is get extreamly high and party...

if u r reading this u r most likly high or from grass valley or both...

Where wiggers are born...
1.Man grass valley is full of dem fake ass wiggers.
2.Yea but they got some dank ass trees up der...
by Big Black n sexy March 15, 2008
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Small black hole in Northern California that will suck up your dreams. People often leave for a few years and then come back. Filled with self-titled "hardcore" bros, hippies, religious fanatics, wiggers, sluts with half a brain, various degrees of burnouts, and some alright people scattered around. Weed and meth are highly popular. We have some good local music & art but .01% of the population appreciates it. If you're living here on your own free will, you're probably waiting for something to fall into your lap without any initiation from yourself, or waiting to die.
-dude i'm finally leaving grass valley!
-oh sick, see you next month bro!
by fleuren March 07, 2011
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A place located in Northern California where people blow their minds with bad ass pot and other drugs like meth and cocaine. Many hippy's live in this town and tweak all day long. Other then that there is nothing else to do but sit on your ass and be bored.
I just got my mind blown off drugs in Grass Valley.
by lost_21 February 13, 2010
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