2 definitions by Geek_Squad_999

A fucking overpriced piece of shit that "totally doesn't doesn't help your computer at all."
You should totally try running Skyrim at ultra settings and 4k with onboard graphics, because graphics cards are for losers.
by Geek_Squad_999 July 24, 2017
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A version of windows now commonly known as the reason people don't wont to buy a Titan Xp graphics card. The reason this is true is because Windows Xp is just another piece of shit operating system "hem hem windows 7 hem hem" Sorry about that i have anti windows itus.

Aug, 1, 2017

I just built a brand new computer when my friend asked me what operating system it had I said windows Xp. Then he shot my balls off stole the computer and put Linux on it. "sob sob"
by Geek_Squad_999 August 2, 2017
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