A sexual act which involves a split grapefruit with a hole cut in it. You then, while giving a blowjob, move the grapefruit up and down the shaft. This supposedly gives the male receiver more pleasure than a normal blowjob would.
Last night I gave my man the grapefruit technique. He said it was the best blowjob of his life!
by DesX September 23, 2014
a way to successfully study for a final exam utilizing the prominent citrus scent of the grapefruit
"Yo I'm so gonna pass this test because I used the grapefruit technique!"
by zepurplepanda January 10, 2017
When you have a grapefruit and you cut it into thirds, then proceed to cut a hole in the middle of it. After procede to suck your man's d*ck and get it hard. Then rub the grapefruit up and down. Remember grapefruit is a fat burner so you lose weight while sucking d*ck.
Bobby"you should tell your GF to use the grapefruit technique on you."
Tim""what is it?"
Bobby"look it up c;"
by Bobby 2.2 February 28, 2018
Using a grapefruit (cut at the sides) with a dick sized hole through the middle for sex. You put the grapefruit on the dick, and move it up and down while also sucking on the dick.
when we did the grapefruit technique i had to cut the hole so big. I had the best sex of my life using the grapefruit technique.
by lil bo pussy June 15, 2018
A South African invention mainly maid for woman that want to fuck their husbands using their mouth wild isn’t it
I gotta a #Grapefruit technique last night from my women and she was going on it hard
by Ahmad ramadi May 19, 2019