Pronounced Like Grapeing it is the definition of grabbing a womens boob, it is a hybrid of grape and rapeing..Grapping
Tony grabbed Angelas boob as if he was grapping it
by Smiali August 13, 2011
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The greatest activity roommates, friends, and colleagues can partake in: the group nap.
It is ALWAYS time for a GRAP. ~ Man, I just took a REALLY BIG GRAP in there. ~ GUYS, THIS IS THE REALEST GRAP WE'VE EVER HAD. ~ "Hey wanna grap with us?" "No." "That was the coldest rejection I've had in a long time. Tonight is just a night of EXTREMES."
by Arsenic EI November 10, 2010
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To grap quickly. Often used as a typo
She grapped his ears quickly.
The cat grapped onto the toy
by that is a gender December 1, 2018
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a short form for "ganster rap" Is used to describe extremly offensive music.
"Did you hear that new grap song?"

"The one by that super rude rapper ganster? Yeah i did."
by grapper98 January 16, 2010
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1. A combination of grab and wipe, usually in reference to snot. 2. A rigorous wiping of the nose involving a pinch hold and fingering of the nostrils.
A child gets his nose wiped, a man graps his own.
by M. C. Martin August 6, 2006
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it is a combonation of the words grabbed and raped, so rathe than saying i grabbed her then raped her, it could just be i grappped her. A real time saver.
Oh snap i just grapped that nigga bitch so bad.
by spickup and cuntfish June 8, 2003
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