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A historical or educational bicycle tour. Named after Shawn Granton of Portland, OR, author of zines and leader of numerous historical zines and bicycle tours.
Hey, did you go on that fallout shelters granton yesterday? I hear it was epic!
by TheDeacon June 17, 2010
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When entering the world, a few have a purpose in life. It is a respectable and honorable purpose. A purpose worthy of a Gods themselves. This purpose is the act of going out and engaging with gorgeous women and convincing them to share pics of their beauty with the world through Perhaps there will bras to burn or future lower back problems to show. Maybe it'll just be an afternoon randomness but these people grant on. God bless you Chivers and grant on.
Chiver 1: Dude, your ex posted up pics of herself on today's daily afternoon randomness!
Chiver 2: What can I say? I grant on, brotha. Keep calm and chive on.
by KCGO May 28, 2012
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of Friar like proportions; from the gothic regions of Tasmania, a herbalist and an adept dwarf like species of primate noted for voyeuristic tendencies and panty sniffing.

Famous for its untamed laughter and unabashed exberance. A quick judge of character and an intelligent and trustworthy friend.

Not to be mistaken with fried oyster gnat pate similar to the rillettes du Mans from the Southern Seychelles region of Kazakhstan.

A species of Needra/Camel Hybrid known for its staunch opposition to labour and its penchant for gluttony.

also utilised in the characterisation of a 'fucking Harrison' in the term, 'fucking harrison'.....

a person seeking employment at a pre-school for the mute

a cup which is 3/4's empty and full of a salt like substance the owner claims is a condiment
set in southern Portugal before legislative reforms incorporating the concept of statutory rape...

Granton: 'hello child... come hither...'
child: you deadbeat?? y aren't you at work.... my dad has to till the King's fifedom to subsidise people like you
Granton: my child.. i am a learned scholar specialising in the anatomy of smal primates.... plus i have some assorted lollies...
Child: in that case
Granton: (smiling)......

a little bit later....
kiddies in play -fife: 'why are you limping Tommy'? (aka.. the child)
Child: shutup you serfs!!! (thinking of a happy place)....
by the King April 25, 2005
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