4 definitions by minty_fresh:)

a lame dance party. Mainly consists of a bunch of sluts grinding each other in the middle of the dance floor and a bunch of random, sweat-soaked dudes trying to grind sweet innocent dancing girls. Lots of people are making out in the corner and the people who can't dance decide that they should dance. The popular people stand in the same spot and take pictures of themselves and their friends, while the fat-asses position themselves at the food table. Not funn at all. You should have stayed home.
Alyssa: Hey guys! Do you want to go to the middle school graduation dance?!
Taylor: Nah it looks LAME.
Slutty Girl: C'mon bitches, I wana go!!!!
by minty_fresh:) June 07, 2010
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an amazing bra from victorias secret that incredibly increases your breats by 2 cup sizes. Comes in a variety of colors and is super padded. Guys don't know what it is, they only care that it increases your sexual attractiveness.

Downside: your bra always rides up and you can't wear low cut shirts or you small wannabe big breast fall out of you shirt!
James: did you see Barbara? He boobs are like twice as big as they were yesterday!
Tyler:AWESOME! Lets do her!
Julie: You guys are IDIOTS! It's obvious shes just wearing the bombshell!
James and Tyler:........?......?......
by minty_fresh:) June 07, 2010
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something that is really creepy but also amazing. Can usually make people horny and gives guys a boner. Something really random, awkward and weird that you see at an unusual time.
Bill: What the fuck is that?
Jill: Its a chinese man with dredlocks wearing a purple wedding dress humping a stop sign while eating a burrito covered in tomatoe sauce
Bill: WHOA!!!!!!!!!CREEPALISHOUS!!!!!!!!
by minty_fresh:) June 24, 2010
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a common comeback for children that don't know how to respond to a question or just want annoy the fuckin shit out of older people. Can be said in a sentence or as a phrase.
bob: So kids, what do you want to do today?
billy, adam, sam,: Your mom!


Bob: ewww, what smells!?!?!\
Billy, adam, sam: YOUR MOM SMELLS!!!!!!!!!!!
by minty_fresh:) June 24, 2010
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