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goud is the new attitude towards life, carrying a very positiv connotation. It is the antonym of fisty and expresses ones general happiness with the way things go. It is only being used by cool, scene people, which probably excludes you and your friends.
normal person: How are you doing?
gouda person: I'm quite goud!
normal person: What's up with Tim?
gouda person: Oh, he's just goudalicious goud gone loco!
by ManolĂ­n April 14, 2007
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Totally hammered. Not in control of ones self due to consumption of intoxicants, usually alcohol, but not directly associated with alcohol. Could be due to other drug intoxication which leads to good times, bad times, nausea, vomiting, random black eyes for some...maybe worse.
That guy was so goud, he couldn't even order his fries.
He's more than shit faced, he's goud.
She's so goud.She couldn't wait to pee, she pissed her self.
That girl can't drive she's too goud.
by Burrocks February 09, 2010
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