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a person who is a no-face who just tries to fit in with the goth group because they think it's "in".
it's the same deal as a preppy girl who always wears dresses claiming to be a 'tomboy' because she gets sweaty at her cheerleader tryouts. If you have the title Goth, you earn it, it's not just wearing black everyday, it's being different it's keeping the title even through the harsh looks, and the stereotypes.Just because you have a pair of black pants makes you as 'goth' as standing in a garage makes you a car. Not everyone will be gothic, just like not everyone will be a lawer.
by M@rie June 07, 2005
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A person, not necessarily happy or annoying, that categorizes themselves as "Goth" (or "Punk" or "Emo" or any of that crap) for the sake of calling themselves goth. Not always annoying, not always faking creativity or depression or whatever. Just insincere.
Says: Wow, that's so deep...

Thinks: Yah, deep like a frisbee
by Ivie July 14, 2005
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Goth Wannabe usually a person that wears black and claims to be different but actually is some retard with paint on there face they claim to be "Goth" and say "I hate preps" they can be spotted listening to Slipknot or Manson but all they will be is either posers or metalheads also most complain about life and can be a bitch at times
Im so depressed woe is me anyone got drugs? IM GOTH
by LALALALA February 01, 2005
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These sorry bastards may look like goths, but don't let them fool you. They can be found listening to Marilyn Manson, Danzig, Nine Inch Nails or Slayer and have no idea that real goths even exist.

aka Mansonite or Metalhead
by Tailanna September 18, 2003
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Wants and tries to be a goth, but really isnt
An example of one often wears black, stereotypically 'goth' clothes, but their personality it perky/happy/optimistic/just NOT goth.
by Nothing Chen April 19, 2005
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