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a vulgar, offensive, racist, but still somewhat amusing pro-asian song by a singer under the name 'azy pride' who stole a tupac beat.

complete lyrics are as follows.
It's the A.Z.N nigga f*ck the rest. Dallas to New York jigga,
We're the best.
Veitnam, to Japan to Mongolia. Phillipine, to Taiwan, To Cambodia. Korea ah..
ah.. home town China, who u got huh?.
U got shit nigga, feel the size, it's the A.Z.N better regonize.
Got Rice bitch? Got Rice? got food, got soup, got spice?
Got brains like us? got skills like us? got cars, got clothes, got gurls like
Watz up? we the shit and we'll kill ya'll fools. We got money in the bank from
our family jewels, can we help it if we rated and corrupt the
Schools? it don't matter, f*ck the law, shit we'll break the rules.
We jack cars, Pop games, yo we got the tools. Hoop it up , break it down
then we shoot some pools. f*ck with me, f*ck with all bitch of us, don't think
its cool. One on one f*ck THAT it's three on one no duels!
Got Rice bitch? Got Rice? Anything you can show that is nice?
Got cash, got moves, got thoughts like us? f*ck no hell you white, you'll never
be like us.
Take off ur shoes before u enter please or crawl around on the floor with ur
f*cken knees. Don't mind the smell you'll get use to it. Moth
balls, Dried squid, and that buddha shit. What the hell is that? u think I don't
see? no forks in the house, Chopsticks only. Have a taste don't be
scared try the lemond tea. U don't want? thats alright, try the f*ck on me. Got
rice bitch? Got Rice? Got luck everytime you roll the dice? your luck is bad unless
you run and hide , cuz we're thugz for life baby, Asian Pride
by vodka June 02, 2004
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used by azn people generally to ask another person if they're azn or to express their extreme partriotism for their asian ethnicity.
by heyoz December 10, 2003
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A term for Asian Pride, term used in a song, also can mean if you ever slept with an asian girl or asian guy.
Gotrice bitch? Did you get some rice last night from that chick.
by Pongdadong October 27, 2007
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A term used to find out who is Asian or not. To ask some one "Got Rice" that would be to ask someone if they are asian.
by Shu November 14, 2003
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slang for having had sex with an asian girl.
I went out with bai mai and got rice because I am a black emporer.
by anonymous March 02, 2005
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