having hot sweaty sex
Men tend to be happy after getting laid.
Raquel: I wonder why he was being so nice today in class
Emily: Maybe he got laid for the first time
by the man and the teacher February 26, 2009
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When an actor l receives some money from their parents.
Dolly got laid on christmas. Her father was very generous.
by breakboy72 March 1, 2019
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Another term for the walk of shame. Why should it be shameful if two people have some fun throwing each other around?
"Dude..I went home after the bar to that chick's place and did her. Didn't even give her my number this morning. She just said thanks as I walked out the door!"
*high five*
Friend says, "Sweet! You did the Got Laid Parade!"
by ImSchindizzle June 6, 2014
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An expression attached to the end of a horribly told or terribly boring story as an attempt to salvage the amusement of the audience.
Last night I was at a party and there was this girls that I thought I new but then when I got a little closer I realized it wasn't the girl I thought it was...and then I got laid.
by WestSideMcFly May 20, 2010
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The act of " the walk of shame" but not feeling shameful at all
Guy: see that girl her heels are in her hand and her dress is too tight I bet she's doing the walk of shame

Guys friend : nah bro she's smiling this is her " I got laid parade ":)
by Cutiecrossbones November 23, 2015
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