were taken advantage of; were fleeced; were mugged
Dem niggaz got got at the swap meet!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 29, 2002
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Verb: The act of telling a white lie and getting "caught" or "got" by multiple people at the same time.

Most frequently told as a story about an individual at a gathering to produce comedic laughter, shame, or ridicule.

Can also be a successful prank with multiple layers and people resulting in public humiliation.
Girl 1: You know Felicia?
Girl 2: Yaaaaa
Girl 1: She "got got got" by Chris
Girls: Bye Felicia!

CroMagnon 1: Dat funny!
CroMagnon 2: Huh? Wah?
CroMagnon 1: TumTum "got got got!"
by BadSeedSam January 14, 2022
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To be taken advantage of, swindled, finessed, or styled on.
Ex 1
person 1:"wow how much did you pay for this shitty ass oregano weed?"

person 2:"$50 for a gram"

person1: "wow you got gotted"

Ex 2

*lands MLG 360 no scope in comp*

by skrrrrboi22 January 10, 2019
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the intro in death grips song "Get Got"
james: hey i forgot this songs name

josh: how does it start?

james: Got got got got
Blood rush to my
Head lit hot lock
Poppin' off the
Fuckin' block knot
Clockin' wrist slit
Watch bent thought bot

Get Get Get Get Got Got Got Got: the first letters in Death Grips song: "Get Got"
by clokworkd December 5, 2020
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You've been had; you've been tricked.
Hey man, what about our deal?
Heh! You got got!
by Humpty November 9, 2003
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When a person has been baffled, bamboozled or otherwise tricked in some way.
by LordCari April 1, 2017
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