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when you are doing a girl up the ass when she is about to cum pull ur dick out and punch her in the stomach and she will shit all over
by j duffman January 28, 2003
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Similar to a donkey punch only when you're having sex with someone from behind instead of punching them in the back of the head you use both hands and punch them on each side of the head simultaneously in a Donkey Kong fashion. Warning this will sometimes cause them to lose consciousness and lose control of their bowels, however it always results in a very tight clench of their muscles resulting in an amazing orgasm for yourself
Right as I was about to blow my load I gorilla punched her she clenched so hard I thought she'd break my dick off, she was out for a while so I took her TV and laptop, I would feel bad but she thinks my name is Jason so it's all cool.
by Echc93 December 27, 2017
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The definition I have always heard for gorilla punch is the same as for donkey punch. You know, the whole punch her in the back of the head during anal thing.
When I was about to jizz I gave her a gorilla punch.
by FB May 23, 2003
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When a male shaves his pubies before getting his peepee sucked by a girl. as the male "ejaculates" on the female's face, he throws his shaved pubies at her face making her look like a gorilla, hence the name "gorilla punch".
Yo john the other day sally was givin' me a blow j, and as i was coming on her face i gorilla punched that stank ass hoe. that bitch looked like a fuckin silverback.
by Lou Stoulz April 01, 2009
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