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The God of the Internet.
Originated on USENET in the late, late 80's, most likely as a typo of the word God
"OK Everybody, maybe if we all pray to Gopod he'll smite that damn Troll"
by Digitarius March 27, 2005
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An individual who tried to type in 'good' after being asked how they are doing, but failed.

As a result of this, a random excuse can be made, sometimes ending in a change of feelings towards the other person.
Example one:

Henry: How ya doing?
Bob: Gopod!I baught an ipod.
Henry:Who's gopod?
Bob: My uncle.

Ex. 2

Joe: Hows the new baby?
Alice: Gopod! She's so healthy!
Joe: Gopod?
Alice: Urhm...its french for snazzy.
Joe: Oh right! I hearda that.

Now Alice thinks he's an idiot.

by Lollicop August 19, 2008
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a superhero who could well be your life long saviour
i am gopod man ready to rid the world of gay pointless household appliances(bye bye beday)
by martyn April 28, 2004
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