The opposite of a chote. A dick that's really long, but has the girth of a pencil.
Gerald had a gooj. It as awesome, but it sucked.
by Sonz June 17, 2013
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When a bitch gets on your nerves, until you want to kill her the way OJ Simpson did it.
Dude, she just cursed my girlfriend....I'm about to go OJ on that bitch...
by ihavaPhDinwhoring August 04, 2009
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to ejaculate, cream, splooge, or secrete semen from the male sex organ, AKA the penis.
When the young lad saw up the girls short skirt, he goojed his pants.
by knicky May 02, 2004
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Originally a contracted form of "gay Jew", it has now become more of a direct insult.

Also used as a term of endearment.
I can't believe Bob did that to Philip.

Yeah, he's such a gooj.
by Bo Brasher May 13, 2007
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