1. slang or shortened version for 'googly eyes,' or just 'eyes'.
2. the name of a magical mexican girl of miniature proportions, somewhat likened to a garden gnome or doll.
"We definitely need more googz for this art project"


"Hey googz, how come you're so small?"
by cheaman July 07, 2009
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The real cool way to say google. Like slang for google, noun. Basically the only cool way to say google. Must be spelled ending with a -z to be legit.
CFinn: Hey why are we so cool?
JoeSco: Idk dude, look it up on googz.
by JoeScoCFinn November 21, 2007
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Googz is how you say Google in Australia, popularized by the subsidiary of the well known multinational technology company Google (known best for its search engine, Google), Google Australia and the Australian Youtube channel, Draw with Jazza (real name: Josiah Brooks), on the 1st of April 2018 which was both Easter and April Fool's Day.

Googz Australia explained in a blog post: "Recently, we've been prompted to examine how our brand might be shaped by rising popular culture and linguistic trends in Australia...and upon further analysis of this evolving dialect, we made a fascinating discovery: Just like Maccas, Aussies are increasingly calling us 'Googz.'"

They continued, "We had a real “yeah, nah” moment. That inspired us to reimagine our brand from the ground up, in partnership with leading Australian designer Jazza. We conducted in-depth focus groups on beaches and in skate parks across Australia – and went back to the drawing board to define a new logo identity that would be authentic to Aussies, roll off the tongue but still anchored in our heritage. After months of sketching, mood boarding, foraging and finger painting, we are delighted to unveil our shiny, new ‘Strayan logo. In the end, we landed on exactly the same typography and color palette, with a gorgeous, gumtree green, lowercase ‘z.’ We opted for the ‘z’ over an ‘s’ as the former felt unexpected and gave us snazzy typographic angles to work with."
Person 1: How Tall is Mount Everest?
Person 2: Lets search it up on Googz!
Person 1: Ok Googz, how tall is Mount Everest?
Googz Home: G'day mate! Mount Everest is 8.8 clicks tall!
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Googz The abbreviation of Google.
Jazza- Hey jazza, how tall is mount everest?
Also Jazza- That's a good question Jazza, I'm just gonna look it up on the Googz.
by Luke_Orooni March 31, 2018
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To search Google for something. Typically said with an Australian or Kiwi accent.
Hey, what was the name of that terrible live action movie with the baby bigfoot?

I don't know, give it a googz.
by HasilBasil March 05, 2019
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