someone who is exta crazy.really wild or overly hyper. also can mean an lame or a person who is stupid as hell
1)man look at lil' neal dat nigga a goof troop on my mama.

2)oh my fuckin' god look at dat nigga lil' neal over there fuckin' wit dem bussdowns dat nigga a goof troop.
by brianna johnson May 27, 2006
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(v.) the act of kidnapping someone and taking them to a remote area and leaving them there with no clothes or any form of help in finding their way home
That motherfucker ripped me off, let's goof troop that son of a bitch.
by YtownRenegade January 17, 2012
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To be unfortunately ugly in a style reminiscent of the hideously deformed dog man creatures on the cartoon television show Goof Troop.
Words won't accurately explain the term goof trooped. Instead I suggest you google Lindsay Davenport.
by Cappin Blewballs June 16, 2011
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A Goof Troop is simply a group of weird or goofy people geeks dorks
OMG look at that Goof Troop over there! They're so weird!
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Being viciously bummed by 20 large men dressed as the popular children's Disney character Goofy.
"I went Goof Trooping last weekend, it was rough"
by Smashbox64 November 1, 2018
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1.Someone Who Acks A Plump Fool,Dey Alwayz On Goofy Mode So Dey Become A Goof Troop.
1.Look At Dat Goof Troop Ovah Dere Bustin Up. A Goof Troop For Real.
by ~Lady Trey Songz~ May 15, 2007
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