When something is good, but not enough to say anything else.
Guy: This painting is made goodly.
by Goodly_definitions August 30, 2019
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Goodly: When you want to describe something that is bad in a good way and you don't know what to say
That's so overused john!
Yeah, But it's goodly overused,rob
by FunkyScotlandCat September 27, 2016
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Word created by a goddess to define a situation which is good but adding a twist, making it sound fun and hillarious asf

Ngl its fun n fresh
I Had a great time with you today
W For sure, it went goodly
by Iddybombastic June 4, 2019
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(in text) Matilda:i can spoll so well
Amanda:evudently u can spell goodly
by Bears in cheese October 10, 2020
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