Person one: *opinion*
Person two: Some with good faith would never say that.
by Syclozender May 11, 2021
The act of Wikipedian editors "cancelling" wikipedia edits that are from anonymous contributors.

"Good Faith Edits" is an unfortunate methodology used by Wikipedia editors to erase the contributions of anyone who they deem is "uncredentialed" or anonymous. It is lazy editing by editors who wield absolute power, WITHOUT exercising good faith due diligence, to VERIFY the quality and importance of edits!

"Good Faith Edits" is basically a cynical netizen initiative to ensure Wikipedia is no longer a truly open source resource. So Wikipedia is becoming a resource where an arbitrary handful of people get to decide what gets published and what does not. Editors have absolute power in determining what is "relevant", and what isn't.

Basically, "Good Faith Edits" are proof technology that used to assume "good faith" egalitarianism on the part of all users, is moving towards a broader cybernetic fascist goal.
"Dang! I anonymously added some birthdays of Pulitzer and Nobel prize winners to Wikipedia. But because it was anonymous, it violated the arbitrarily new "Good Faith Edits" code, so they removed all my contributions! Without even bothering to actually vet the quality of my edits, they proclaim I was acting in "bad faith", and THEY are the ones doing "Good Faith Editing"!
by RonoMacco April 1, 2022
a bet that does not involve money just to say i told you so.
i can pull lil mama right there. no you cant. bet somethin on well a good faioth bet then.
by Julian Murphy January 24, 2005