hockaday is the ninth circle of hell as detailed in Dante's Inferno
you should be writing your jrp but you're here
good luck fam
"sage took away the froyo machine at hockaday."
"hockaday is hell."
by jtbyebyebye October 17, 2016
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An all-girls preparatory school in Dallas, TX. Has large concentration of lesbians. Also has crappy dining service called Sage. It has become Hockaday tradition to type these definitions onto Urban dictionary for the younger generations. Hockaday is well-known for its resident middle school math teacher, Dr. Wohlgehagen who we don't think is aware he's on Urban dictionary.

Hockaday students are called Hockadaisies (the school mascot is a daisy) and are expected to attend events with their twin school, St. Mark's School for Boys, a school that is somehow gayer than Hockaday. They are also expected to marry St. Mark's kids.
Person A: "Which school do you go to?"
Person B: "Oh, the Hockaday School."
Person A: "Wow, are you married to someone from St. Mark's?"
Person B: "No I have a girlfriend."
by cOnfUsEd_pErSoN24 March 23, 2023
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"I go to smart people school."
"Nah, that's lesbian school."
by andundy October 18, 2019
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An all-girls independent preparatory school for PK-12 located in Texas.
Hockaday was founded in 1913 by Miss Ela Hockaday.
by Hockadaisy February 1, 2010
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A great school that eveyone thinks is a whorehouse. The girls there are WRONGFULLY called Hockawhores. Peperatary school in Dalllas, Texas.
Greenhill girl: Oh my gosh! Have you seen those Hockawhores! They are so stuck up and rich!

Hockaday Student: You're such a hockaday wannabe!
by RAMDOMPERSON69 January 7, 2011
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An elite college prep school located in the heart of Dallas, TX. Here girls are well versed in etiquette, poise, literature, the sciences and social sciences alike, imported luxury vehicles, louis vuitton, bottega veneta, jimmy choo, christian louboutin, and that the lovely stylists at Frederic Fekkai in Highland Park Village are blessed to touch their "down and darling" locks. If you are looking for the breeding ground for the junior league, and Dallas Symphony Debutante's you have found the right place! Most of these girls hail from Preston Hollow or Highland Park, since despite the heavy taxation, their parents still elect to send them to a $20,000/yr high-school. Among their impeccable taste, about thirty percent of any graduating class will attend an ivy league or equivalent (ie Stanford), and 60% will attend a top 50 university. These exquisite ladies are often targets of jealousy from many women at local schools (Greenhill, ESD, Highland Park, the others are just not worth recognizing) and thus have been called "Hockawhores." GO DAISIES!
That Hockaday Hockawhore just got a new Mercedes AND an ostrich birkin, I can't believe that! She is such a bitch...
by sorocialite101 June 22, 2011
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hockaday? more like hockaGAY
-trans boy suffering there
no srsly majority at hockaday is not cis or straight
by evanistired May 4, 2023
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