The fond recollection of breast from bygone days. Contraction of mammary and memory.
"Thanks for the mammories!"
by teej October 16, 2003
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Any ceremony, real or imagined, that worships or mourns an outstanding set of breasts.
Joe: "Dude, remember Jane from back in High School? Saw her in town today."

Bob: "Yeah, she had a great rack! How'd she look?"

Joe: "We'd better have a Mammorial, cause they were hangin' so low you couldn't see her belt!"
by RocketmanKarl February 23, 2010
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When one is in love with a female for the sole reason of her glorious mammaries. It is very common in this relationship to put up with such useless things as; talking, occasional dates, or even learning names if need be.
Glenn: Hey, did you hear I have a new girlfriend.
Stacy: What is her name?
Glenn: I dont know. Its a Mammorious Relationship.
by Chancy Chancellor October 12, 2009
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Titty bar, Strip Club, Adult Cabaret. Anyplace where women's breasts can be seen.
Steve--"Let's go check out the new Mammory Observatory Chuck."

Chuck--"I would rather check out guys."

Steve--"We're no longer friends Chuck."
by oafanosu September 6, 2007
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The resulting fixation when someone with a nice or just particularly large pair of tits enters your immediate vicinity. Similar to the target-lock of modern laser, heat or radar guided weapons. Can also result from females wearing thin fabrics (sans bra), erect nipples and notable cleavage. Males and Females alike can attain a 'lock-on' status regardless of sexual orientation.
1. Yep, that look on Jason's face is definitely a sign of mammory-lock.

2. The shirt Nicole was wearing made it impossible not to have a mammory-lock-on.
by cman5186 May 2, 2013
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