The terrible aching pain, usually in the elbow, that can result from giving someone a true Good Game.
Steve: I think i got Ass Elbow
Nolan: I need a doctor, really, if this hemorrhoid gets infected, I could die.
by Dick McFeely February 25, 2005
The only parts of your body that should be seen by your boss when he or she walks by to give the appearance that you are actually working. Scrub that floor. Asses and elbows baby.
Oh yeah, you'll see when you gotta get a job. Then it's asses and elbows baby, asses and elbows!
by Anti-Troll League May 29, 2011
Describing something or someplace that's really crowded
Dude, it's asses and elbows in there! Ain't that a fire hazzard?
by Sir Adam the Great April 7, 2005
In hasty retreat (i.e. the only part of you the enemy sees)
As soon as the Italians met the French army, they were completely asses and elbows, all morale broken.
by William Martin October 18, 2006
a game that can be played by looking at a close-up picture of an ass or an elbow, then guessing which one it is
hey marc, ass or elbow? ...ass? elbow. ahh man damn it.
by eeen November 9, 2006