japanese noun: means rubbish or trash
Sodai Gomi Night, means "Big trash night" the night you see lots of Gaijin running around picking up old discarded electronics to ship over to their poorer relatives back home in (insert technology deprived western nation here eg: .au)
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Man, that girl is the hottest one I´ve ever seen. She´s... Gomi.

That punch was brutal! Gomi! Instant knockout!

That´s one Gomi ass.
by Falnizzle July 21, 2005
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1. A gangster in training aka, lil gangster.

2. A name to call a gangster saying that he/she is inexpirienced and almost jokeable.(used in light humor by gangsters to fellow gangsters)
"Wuts up gomie, u still having problems with that water gun?"

"Sup so it wont be a while till u can eat a whole happy kids meal eh gomie? Naw man you no your da shit."
by Bill Elane Stephan March 1, 2008
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Gomie is a noun used to describe your "gay homie"
You are my friend, my lover, my homie, my Gomie
by Brouhaha July 22, 2017
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Gomi stands for gay homie
Person A:did you hear about gomi

Person B: yeah he's a gomi
by Please pull out my ass hairs November 10, 2020
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like your homegirl one of your friends, a girl that is your homie
ayo i was hangin wit da gomies yesterday and my homeboy shaun tried hollerin at keisha
by Ric mostahlicious April 15, 2012
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