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A term used to describe a digital voice transmission that is received in a fringe area and is pixelated, resulting in a low delivered audio quality (DAQ). In this condition, the decoded signal's bit error rate (BER) has exceeded a critical value. This results in strange sounds that sound like "gollywobbles" instead of understandable speech.
After the sheriff narrowbanded his radio system and went to digital, the dispatcher sounded like gollywobbles every time his deputies drove through the valley.
by Hot_East May 04, 2012
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A general feeling of dis-ease or queasiness felt in your gut, stomach and/or abdomen.
Uh-oh. I just got called down to the Principal's Office. I've got a screaming case of the gollywobbles!
by PelhamPete September 29, 2012
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1. Meaning that feeling you get when there’s imminent danger or just plain scared of something or
2. Meaning the current sickness that’s floating across the globe, whether it be the Flu or just a Head Cold.
1. β€œIt gave me the gollywobbles.”
2. β€œI think I have the gollywobbles.”
by Bluevelvet April 14, 2005
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The uncomfortable feeling in one's stomach that occurs after eating too much popcorn.
"I just got back from the movies, now I have the gollywobbles."
by Merrin C. September 13, 2006
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