A phrase stated upon observing a scene kid.
Then this kid with tight pants and swoop hair walked by and Rob goes, "that fool is going to the show."
by robmon November 23, 2008
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Said about a car that lacks exterior finish like a good paintjob, fresh chrome, decals, spoilers but is equipped with a powerful engine, prepped transmission, heavy duty suspension and so on, making it
fast without anyone really knowing it. A fast piece of "junk", in other terms.
Ricer: Man, what a old piece of shit you've got there! My Civic looks way better and has a turbo and makes a cool
"pshhh" sound when i shift gears! Get a
paintjob and some 22" rims man!

Car owner: It's called a Chevy Nova and it's all go, no show. It's got a vortech-supercharged fuel-injected 454, a five-speed and a 4-link rear suspension. Wanna race?
by Jo_Onas August 11, 2008
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1. Describes a car that is much faster than it looks (see "sleeper")
2. Describes someone who is very good at what they do but would have you think otherwise (ex: a humble person, or a swindler)
Damn! I just got dusted by that Spirit R/T. I thought I had him for sure, but he's all go, no show!
by iuahdfpgiuhadifgh February 5, 2012
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Definition: 1) Please excuse us; 2) Can we have a little privacy here?; 3) scram; 4) get lost.

Said when you want to speak with only certain people in the room. Could also mean you want them to just get out of your sight. Can be accompanied by an arm gesture with thumb pointing the way you want them to go.

Line uttered by Sonny Corleone to his sister Connie and her new friend (and soon to be dead husband) Carlo when they wanted to discuss family business on the morning of 'Pops' birthday in the Godfather Part II.
by Vesper47 February 4, 2020
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Bob - Hey Bill, did see the big fight last night? Bill - Yeah sure did! Way to go! Parramatta Car Show!
by GrogMonster69er September 25, 2022
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