2 definitions by Chris_Digi

Cynthia is a very wholesome and lovely smol being smaller than almost every human. She also has hair longer than herself dragging slightly on the ground. She is loved by all who meet her and know by her nickname Cynnamon (or Cyn for short) due to her love for eating cinnamon.
Have you spoken to Godess Cynthia today?
Yes Cyn cheered me right up after she heard I was feeling down.
Yes she has a tendency to make everyone smile!
by Chris_Digi June 20, 2019
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Master of apples known for being wholesome. He also has a imaginary friend named Crystal who always keeps him company and gives advice.
Have you met Digi?
Yes we was so kind to me!
I know right, and his apples they're always a perfect red! How does he do it?
by Chris_Digi June 18, 2019
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