Sexy Girl, Nice Ass, Pretty face, Beautiful Hair, Tight as Fuck.

Usually Flirty, Affectionate, and lots of fun.
Girl 1: Have you heard about that girl, who plays all the guys?

Girl 2: Ugh! Must Be Cyn!
by NoodzLover July 3, 2011
The sign reads "Grand Cyn Road", which refers to Grand Canyon Road.
by EnderA June 5, 2007
Wow, I wish I was as cool as Cyn.
by Katsudo October 25, 2003
Calling yo nigga

Somebody-Wtf no you not
by Thick mamas November 29, 2019
a graceful acceleration of your face to the floor
I'm still sore from cyning last night.
by B-Mac88 September 17, 2018