A women with an appropriate amount of attitude, stellar intelligence, who is skilled and independent yet still possesses and entirely owns the domestics skills deemed traditional for a woman.
A Domestic Godess is the kind of woman who doesn't object to belonging in the kitchen because the hand that rocks the ladle is the hand that rules the world.
by DomesticGodess December 1, 2014
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A urban legend. Mother of all videogame players. She is the guiding light of the players, always bringing those who are in the dark patch of games black, gray and brown.
Prey for Nintendo Godess
by Kahall September 4, 2017
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Godess trademarked by Godess Girls established 2006 by AMGLOBAL Company based out of San Diego, California. A girl/woman/boys/men empowerment Clothing & apparel Company created by Designer and public, figure, social media influencer Amy Martinez aka "Godess."
She's such a Godess Entrepreneur! That Godess empowers all women to be the best versions of themselves.
by GODESSGIRLS January 22, 2021
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Clothing Brand created by Amy Martinez of San Diego California owner of Godess Girls, AMGLOBAL ceo.
I need that new Godess Girls Gear! It's so dope! The influencer collaboration collections are my favorite styles by Godess. She knows how to style cali girls to a tee!
by GODESSGIRLS January 22, 2021
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