godel is when you try to yodel while sucking a cock
tysoe was godeling on top of the mountaintop
by lucksack August 13, 2008
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a women or girl witch is wonderful, beautiful and fabulous and strong in every single way
wow she is a godelive
by lilmiss_cutie April 18, 2010
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One of the most famous logicians.

He is famous for his incompleteness theorems, the idea that a loophole would lead to the US becoming a dictatorship, and dying of starvation for being paranoid that his food was poisoned.

He is also a good friend of Einstein, Oppenheimer, and many other scientific celebrities at the time.
Oh my god, you understand Kurt Godel?
get out of here... nerd... go prove the Riemann Hypothesis or something...
by q13et5 February 12, 2010
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Not that much of a bimbo but is pretty fat and wild as well as a natural child predator.
"You Godel looking pretty wild. How many children do you think that he got this time?
by xXB1MB0Xx January 10, 2020
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Godelive meaning is "good life" or loved by God.Godelive she is a good person beautiful, loyal smart, brave and a fun loving person,and she also has a very big heart. And she's a good advisor, if you are looking for a place to confide, she is the right person, she will not judge you! Godelive understand that everyone makes mistakes and if you are in a relationship with a Godelive you are very lucky, Because she will take care of you and put up with you in any situation, And above all she is patient she will never tell people that there was only you the villain in the story and she will say she too was part of it. Godelive she is not a girl who has great confidence in her special about her body or beauty!while she is a goddess with pure beauty, if you want to succeed in life look for yourself a Godelive not only she's good in terms of friendships but also in a relationship she is a person that should not be disappointed If she gives you a second chance, grab it there. she's also very good in bed she's a hottie all guys would want to be with her and she's a sociable person And very popular and loved by his friends.
Godelive's friend: Has this Bastard cheated on you again?

Godelive :Yes He did.

Godelive's friend:I told you he wasn't serious that he was a jerk from the start.

Godelive : It's not his fault we are both guilty in the story if I was there for him at this moment that he needed me he was never going to do that.
by How_is_it November 22, 2021
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