Irish slang for someone who is a complete idiot. A person who does something completely foolish and doesn't even realise it.
Yer man is a fuckin' gobshite!
He made a complete gobshite of himself by getting pissed and falling all over the place.
by etain123 July 25, 2006
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Someone who talks incessant shite in a lame attempt to make themselves look good, whilst actually making a complete twat out of themselves.
GI.GHoD, GI.Diamorphene, in fact most of GI squad are gobshites.
by APC Camper February 07, 2006
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Irish slur for a person who loudly extols the virtues of himself and will attempt to co-erce weaker people onto his side by collosaly ridiculing them as a punishment for not doing so.
John, you're a gobshite. All your friends are little shits, and you are so fat and ugly, babies shit themselves when they see you. You will never grow beyond 5'6"
by Gumba Gumba March 07, 2004
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A person who talks a lot, but says nothing of relevance or interest to his or her audience, he or she usally talks for ages at a time, torturing all who can hear and takes great pleasure in doing so.
Tom Cruise is a gobshite of galactic proportions.
by piratsindre April 03, 2008
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Irish slang for an idiot. Also Goby, (short for Gobshite)
I dont want anything to do with him, he is such a gobshite.

Look at that goby over there.
by Billy-boy August 10, 2007
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from a mersey background. actually means; when ever you open your mouth a big piece of shit falls out
piss off you little fuckin gob shite
by richard tranter June 22, 2004
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