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doing something to it's fullest; doing something well;
"I go hard in da paint", "Them hoes cant fight, dont none of them go hard", "Go hard or Go Home"
by Dai G.A.B March 23, 2007
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1.i was goin hard when it came to my school work

2. i go hard when people start mess with my friends
by Keandra August 17, 2006
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go hard - an alcoholic beverage wild eye mixed with gray goose
damn man i drank that go hard last night, that shit had me fucked up
by big C313 December 27, 2010
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1) to live to the fullest potenital
2) to live hard

3) a slut
4) a girl that is very sexual
I hate her! She is such a go hard.

This song go hard.
by Taylor Evanz January 25, 2010
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another one of the multitude of terms referring to a man getting an erection
I would come over, but I'm afraid that after I see your mom my dick will go hard and tear a hole in my new pants.
by no_shelter January 3, 2007
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to get high - usually on some sort of stimulant.
"What shall we do tonight Sheyne?"

"Fuggin go hard of course!"
by British_one December 28, 2006
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to kick it to the fullest. gettin' drunk, high etc. partying like there's no tomorrow.
Andre: Ayo, is you goin to the party tonight?
Sean: You already know. I'm going hard, yo.
Andre: Yeah i feel you - i'm goin hard too. Kickin it like there's no tomorrow.
by anjee minaj December 30, 2009
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