GoGoRadio is a 24-hour online radio station dedicated to Go-Go music and its listeners. GoGoRadio originates from the home of Go-Go music, Washington D.C. Go-Go music continues to be a preferred source of entertainment for thousands of Washington metropolitan area residents. This station is dedicated to satisfying its deep-rooted fan base.
DC GoGo Music. The only 24/7 gogoradio station.

by lcade October 22, 2006
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GO GO Is the Muzic that comes from my HOMETOWN OF D.C.
Me And my NIggas Listen to that Shit. Uless Ur from D.C, Dont Talk About Shit U dont KNow About. Trust me this is gonna BLOW UP.
Go Go Bands of D.C.Tcb,Ucb,Backyard,Reaction,Ccb,Tob.
by MY NAME DONT MATTER May 26, 2006
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Doha's lover. They live happily ever after with all their many children. AKa all their Diyas. Gogo is Doha's forever husband. Ooways can gets jealous of Gogo
So Diya... GOGO huh?
by Mr C June 25, 2018
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Michael wants to be gogo because he is a loser who has no friends.
by Michael December 13, 2003
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Brent: what re you doing tomorrow?
Jasmine: oh I'm just going to Gogo's house
by Greta l July 30, 2017
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It's a world that means "penis"or "dick" plus it's a very flexible. (It's a Safe way to use the word dick)
Dude my gogo is enormous

I will stick my gogo inside u tonight

Shut up u gogo
by Hassonathegayvapor February 21, 2019
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