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Someone who is new at using the GNU operating system, often referred to as Linux.
You don't know how to find your ip address? You're such a Gnoob.
by gnoob June 16, 2010
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Gnoob is a common expression, frequently used in the game Leauge of Legends. Gnoob is an extraction if the two words "gay" and "noob".
"Blitzcrank is a noob, he can't hook!"
"No, he is a gnoob!"
by Raggeeeful June 28, 2013
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(Juh-noob) This is a new online word coming from the word noob and newbie . It is always used as an insult, meaning a really big noob. Usually used when "noob" just doesn't explain on how big of a noob the person really is, so you use gnoob. Also used after pwning another player in an online game.
I just got a headshot on that gnoob.
Damn gnoob! plant the bomb.
That guy is such a gnoob.
by ShibiMAN May 17, 2005
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gnoob is like the average noob BUT is stronger and more powerful. never under estimate a gnoob
man: omg thats no noob, thats a gnoob

man2: i thought i was facing any average noob but it turns out he was a gnoob.

man3: to many gnoobs
by bobbyjoys123 July 19, 2010
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