Verb - The act of recklessly (under the influence of something illicit or mind altering) going around and stealing lawn gnomes for the sake of a collection purpose. IT is definately fun to take one of your favourite gnomes with you on vacation and take pictures of that gnome from different locations in the world and send it by postcard to the original owner.
<Dude> Yo man lets get retarded and go out on the town
<Pal> Yea man i have a great idea. Let's go gnoming and jack a garbage bag full of yard ornaments.
by Gito March 24, 2005
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Cruising around town while stealing yard ornaments and putting them in different places. Start at one house and take an ornament, then leave it at the second house a few blocks away. Continue until you get bored or someone gets hurt. Always remember to take something from the last house to return to the first house, it's only common courtesy to make sure everyone ends up with something. Also, massively important to not get caught or arrested.
You: "Duuude we had so much fun last night gnoming until we almost got caught!"
Friend: "Yes, illegally removing yard ornaments in the middle of the night sounds so much fun."
by amosbby August 7, 2009
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verb - the act of taking pictures of a gnome/gnomes in front of or with famous places, famous people, funny signs, etc. Gnoming is often done by people with a sense of adventure and a zeal for telling exciting stories about their favorite mystical woodland creatures.
Today Sally and I took our favorite garden gnome Baxter and went gnoming around the city.
by jla101786 January 28, 2007
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the act of going around town, stealing as many lawn ornaments as possible to later be stacked on a friends lawn. the reward is in the morning when the victim looks outside to see the cast of Shrek and Bambi on his front lawn.
(Tysen) Pepper is being a lil bitch and wont hang out tonight.

(Tony) dude, lets go gnome his house......hes a little bitch..........and by little, of course i mean fat.

by tbag22 June 17, 2007
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The very thrilling and covert process in which one scouts their local neighborhood(s) to find which houses have garden gnomes as lawn ornamennts so that they can come back after dark, steal the gnome(s), take random/awkward pictures with them, and then return the gnome(s). This can or can not be followed by having the pictures developed and anonymously putting them in the gnome owners' mailbox/on their front porch. Most also consider this as an act of charity for the gnomes and is commonly seen as "setting captive gnomes free into the wild." (See Facebook or Wikipedia for more information and/or detailed history)
Gnoming had always been a cause that was near and dear to Morgan's heart, but it had also always been on her and her friends' bucket list.
by GorgeousGnomingGirl January 3, 2012
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the vandalistic act of robbin' a gnome from someones garden - take pictures of you sexin them...then post the pictures through the owners' letter box
dave started gnoming sally's mom
by reggy A January 6, 2008
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