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Verb - The act of recklessly (under the influence of something illicit or mind altering) going around and stealing lawn gnomes for the sake of a collection purpose. IT is definately fun to take one of your favourite gnomes with you on vacation and take pictures of that gnome from different locations in the world and send it by postcard to the original owner.
<Dude> Yo man lets get retarded and go out on the town
<Pal> Yea man i have a great idea. Let's go gnoming and jack a garbage bag full of yard ornaments.
by Gito March 23, 2005
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The act of driving or walking around town and posing on either people you know, or random people's lawn. When they open the door and see everyone just standing there, their reactions are priceless.
The girls at the sleep over were bored, so they decided to go gnoming at random people's houses and laugh at their reactions.
by just_a_girl77 February 15, 2011
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The opposite of trolling. Opening yourself right up for being insulted. Flamebaiting if you will. "Asking for it".
Person #1: (insert idiocy here)
Person #2: Stop gnoming, you whiny faggot.
by Wrath Oskvro February 01, 2010
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Hiding gnomes around a friend/ family member's house, car, or work place.
I found a hilarious garden gnome in my locker today... have you been gnoming lately?
by mkbeloved August 25, 2009
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Cruising around town while stealing yard ornaments and putting them in different places. Start at one house and take an ornament, then leave it at the second house a few blocks away. Continue until you get bored or someone gets hurt. Always remember to take something from the last house to return to the first house, it's only common courtesy to make sure everyone ends up with something. Also, massively important to not get caught or arrested.
You: "Duuude we had so much fun last night gnoming until we almost got caught!"
Friend: "Yes, illegally removing yard ornaments in the middle of the night sounds so much fun."
by amosbby August 06, 2009
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Gnoming is essentially like planking and owling, completely pointless and stupid where someone sits in a person's garden in random positions much like a garden gnome.
Hey, let's go gnoming in that guy's garden!
by AlphaShadow92 July 31, 2011
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verb - the act of taking pictures of a gnome/gnomes in front of or with famous places, famous people, funny signs, etc. Gnoming is often done by people with a sense of adventure and a zeal for telling exciting stories about their favorite mystical woodland creatures.
Today Sally and I took our favorite garden gnome Baxter and went gnoming around the city.
by jla101786 January 28, 2007
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