The deepest of the deep. The driest of the dry. The powest of the pow pow. It's the powda baby!
Snowboarder: Duuuude, check the dump bra. Lets go shred the gnar gnar!
Skier: Good day ole chap, have you seen the weather report? By jove there was a biblical blizzard this night past. Shall we shred the gnar?
by Gnargnar March 16, 2005
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Extremely gnarly, double gnar.
"Did you see that guy fall of the bus?" "Yeah it was gnar gnar dude, he totally hit his face on the ground."
by Matterleine November 22, 2007
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gnar gnar has a similar meaning to "gnar" or "gnarly". However, it better emphasizes the pure awesomeness of whatever is being described.
"Dude, that shit was gnar gnar to the max a sack"

"Do that again, that was gnar gnar"
by GnarBird October 10, 2007
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extremely great...sorta like gnarly but way better then that.
damn, did u see her ass that bitch is gnar gnar!
by master August 10, 2003
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adj. Incredibly sick and twisted. Disgustingly mind-bending. Used outside of extreme sports to describe a bass-line or grouping of psychedelic sounds as heard in drum n' bass, dubstep, and many other genres of electronic music, hip-hop, and rock. Can also refer to visual art that is ground-breaking or brain-shattering, especially in the realm of graffiti and tagging.
Junglist: "Holy shit did you hear that bass-line? How the hell did they do that?! Shit is fucking gnar gnar!"

Head: "Have you seen that burner on 200 south? It's gnar gnar as fuck!"
by Jon Hunstman IV June 27, 2011
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dinosaur for 'why thank you'
dinosaur: "Gnar Gnar!!!"
english translation: "why thank you!!!"
by tpubs October 31, 2011
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a retard. someone that lacks the ability to do something.
"I can't believe that freakin' gnar gnar is here."

"Gnar gnar. Are you really that stupid? I can't believe you actually fell for that."

Joe Schmo: "Is Alaska another continent?"
Smarty Pants: "Gnar GNAR!" *slaps hand on chest*
by Jah-hone-eey October 13, 2009
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