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in Bengali it means ''gua mara khaa''

in english which means '' go get your ass fucked''
man1: man, i screwed up in exams
man2: gmk
by gmk-fied May 15, 2011
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GMK Is an acronym for "Gas Mask Krew"
A Band of elite hackers and gangsters origionating from an IRC Server known only to the underground as "bluehell"

Entry into this Top secret organisation must require you to have purchased/obtained a mandatory SAS Standard SF10 Special Forces Avon Gas Mask. A EA1-SF10 or a C3-000 Respirator is required, and Additional Respirators are Optional.

Of Course, the numbers who apply for selection are numerous, and for proof purpouses require all entrance to take a photo "IN" the Avon Gas Mask.

Only very few have entered the GMK, "icenix" and "SubZ" are Rumoured to be the ring leaders of this violent cult.

Forms of Communicating in GMK Can be (but not limited to):

"omfg GMK for lyfe"

"lmfao GMK > *"

or "omfgGMK rwned"
by GMKicenix October 06, 2006
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