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Shortened version of gluttony. Used to describe a person who eats an inordinate amount of food and who is usually extremely obese or over-weight.
Frank is such a glut...he looks like Jaba The Hutt.
by Joe24 March 07, 2006
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A woman or cross dresser who wears revealing clothing but does not have the body for it. Usually with their gut hanging out of belly tops
"Dude look at those gluts wearing the belly tops, they're so grease"
by Raffkatttt June 08, 2009
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A person who studies Geology way to hard making them a Geology-Slut... aka a Glut
"I just got 100% in that Mapping Project" "OMG you're such a Glut!!!"
by Glut4Lyf June 07, 2013
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a gut that hangs over someones genitals like a flap.

a fleshy extension of the belly making it look like there is a flap covering ones naughty bits
mary had to lift up mikes overhanging glut to find his penis.
by doodoodo0 April 01, 2013
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a wedge made of hard wood used to split wood.
I didn't have a steel wedge so i made a glut of hedgeapple.
by d~n~r February 05, 2010
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A Geek Slut. A Geek or Nerd who tries to dress sexy and like and like a slut, but can't really pull it off. They try too hard to be slutty and don't have very sexy attire, so they try to alter certain clothing items while wearing them to show more skin.
OMG will you look at Emily, she was such a Geek last year. Now she keeps pulling back her shirt to show as much as she can. What a GLUT!
by ash.sedef March 09, 2015
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Gay plus slut equals glut.
When someone is homesexual(gay) and sleeps around. Comparable to slut in heterosexuals.
I've seen gluts before but that is the gluttiest glut i've EVER seen!
by Kerr June 23, 2005
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