gloth is short for glamour-goth
a gloth is ment to be the complete opposite of a goth.
they love fashion and are into glamour and fame
Its just a copy of goth and 'gloth' wont stick
by Lizzie!! January 27, 2007
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The word formed when Glam and Goth and used as one
hena: I want to look like a glamorous goth,
Pop: So a Gloth then?
by TTMS93 December 2, 2009
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A mythical planet in the allegorical book series of The Glothic Tales.
The planet Gloth is located in a very small area in the very far bottom left hand corner of a long outer spiral arm of a galaxy called the Milky Way. Being the sixth planet from the sun in a system of twelve planets called Sun System One, it is conveniently located and benefits economically from being the central hub that lured the headquarters of literally thousands of industrial monopolies and is a tax haven for hundreds and hundreds of banks and lenders of last resort.
by septimity October 8, 2015
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In pop music, a combination of the genres "glam" and "goth." Also applicable to ostensible fashion sub-styles.
Azrael went all gloth on us when she started listening to AFI and using dark burgundy nailpolish instead of black.
by affableamerican October 26, 2006
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a 'glamourous goth'.
they are evil people that pretend they are goths for fashion.
but they are COMPLETELY different and dont now the goth culture.
they wear goth dresses with sequins sewn on to them ! yes- SEQUINS!!!!
they pretend to be goths when they really are listening to chicke noodle soup in the privicey of theyre own bedrooms...

omg she looks like a gloth!! KILL HER!!!!
by mISs poLLY pOulET April 14, 2007
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Glothes: is when someone's style represents a rare sense of fashion that is global and unique, fashionable wherever the look is taken.
Tanja is rocking some serious Glothes today, she's a pure fashionista.
by hypem September 2, 2011
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Geeky clothes worn in a geeky television show.
Did you see the glothes Felicity Smoak wore on Arrow this week? That dress made my particles collide!
by FireHawk April 22, 2015
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