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The clit-like organ for men. You can find it between the bottom of your shaft and ballsack. Only 30-40% of guys have it, and less than 1% are "squirters".
Dude my friend was getting a blowjob from this girl, and she worked the balls AND glit reeeal good.
by clyide November 21, 2009
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A state of extreme positivity in which personality is exuded in a spirited manner.
Get your glit on!
She was the most glit person at the the party last night!
Chris and Lynn's party was the most glit event ever!
It's going to be a glit weekend!
by IndyBill April 16, 2012
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a shortened version of niglet. (a nigger that has not grown up to be a man.)
Look at that glit with his orange drink and pork rinds.

Somebody get that glit a nigger-berry.
by glit lover July 10, 2008
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Glits is a minor setback.
What about the winner You played last race? Well, You see there's a glits. How so? I forgot to place my bet.
by The Rogart August 03, 2009
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short for glue and shit.

a meal or casserole of unknown ingredients.

consistancy of glue and shit
honey this meal tastes like glit!
by wearegolem August 27, 2003
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