an act when playing a sport in which the offensive player makes the defending player look ridiculous by dangling him so hard
wow that was an amazing gles!
by gles June 07, 2010
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A severe and contagious disease with unkown chemicals which stimulates the brain and temporarily affects the person's IQ level (Decrease).
Yo did you catch some GLE from Danny? Cuz ur so fucking stupid today...
by Arbrazil January 25, 2010
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person 1: Do you think it's wrong to you-gle?
person 2: Nope, everyone does it atleast once.
by Paige.1021 June 24, 2009
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G$$gle used to be a cool search engine. Things just haven’t been the same since they went public. Search results are not what they used to be. Instead of listing sites with relevant content, you get sites that link to sites with the relevent content. Go figure that out. G$$gle sold out. Not good. google
Google became G$$gle after they went and sold out.
by Bonnie November 16, 2004
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Someone who is extremely funny, finds themselves attractive, finds WEIRD people attractive too. Dropped out of college to avoid boys she has liked previously. Tries to use her friends for Tiktok fame.
You're such a Gles.
by GMogs February 09, 2021
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