To leave an educational establishment without completing the year. i.e. to withdraw from education.

Past: dropped out
"I dropped out of college"

"Im gonna drop out"
by NewTownDannyM December 12, 2006
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An active gang member who willingly leaves his gang. Or does something that a true gang member wouldn’t do (snitching, stealing from a fellow member, not paying dues, or upon arrival to jail you don’t house with your gang but go into a protective custody Unit (rolling it up)) these instances will differ as different gangs have different morals and motives.
Yea he was cool and all but he ended up dropping out when they arrested him.
Yea I heard that drop out went and rolled it up in county.
No cap, he a snitch too.

Yea he fasho out.
by Bigknowledge559 April 5, 2020
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Either used as a verb meaning quitting school - this could be college or regular school - before the end of the year, or adjective describing someone who did.
As a verb: "I want to drop out of school."

As an adjective (describing a noun, in this case a person): "I'm a high school drop out."
by Magic kitty April 28, 2022
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A person who quits school before graduating.

There are many reasons for one to drop out. Including: Drugs, mental disorders, unexpected pregnancy, illness, being teased in school, learning disabilities, no ambitions, ect,.
Kate: Ugh, drop outs are going nowhere in life. Did you know Leah dropped out?

Jane: Yeah, I know. Did you know that Bill gates dropped out of Harvard?
by Mabbels July 10, 2010
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to, or to be one who rejects conventional society after taking LSD.
Timothy Leary and his psychedelic chronies went around dosing the universities and encouraging the students drop-out.
by ryanlowlife December 5, 2007
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A person that didn't complete school for two reasons:

1) Their lives outside of school were so incredibly difficult that they really had no other choice

2) Laziness
Jack lived with his mom and little sister. His mom was a very immature parent and went out and got drunk every night and would sometimes never even come home. This forced Jack to get little Sally ready for Kindergarden everyday, forcing him to constantly be late for school until he eventually had no choice but to become a drop-out to care for Sally.

Hannah, on the other hand, got a job at Pizza Hutt and felt like she was making some massive "dough" so she dropped out of high school to just work and get more money, unaware that without a diploma, Pizza Hutt's where she's gonna stay forever.
by GRADDY June 27, 2012
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