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a type of suitcase with flexible sides and a rigid frame, sometimes called a gladstone bag.
in catcher in the rye, holden packs his stuff into a gladstone
by elizabeth l April 10, 2006
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Biggest shithole on earth. Located in Australia people hang out at there local Maccas all night for just a slight bit of fun. Most chicks are sluts most guys are fugly.
Bill: wow look at them babes
Paul: dude there from gladstone
Bill: does that mean they got
Paul: yeast infection... Yep
Bill: ewww
by King Of The Derros June 04, 2010
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A stoner in a constantly glad attitude. Sort of crazy, and horrible with certain RTSg.
Wow, that gladstone sucks.
by UnHoly-Assassin August 25, 2006
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Leader of the liberal party in late 19th Century who championed practices such as backpeeling and opposed the tearaway group known only as the felch bandits.
The Grand Old Man of Liberal Politics and spoke to the house, "we will oppose the felch bandits wherever they may be, i am the Lord of the peel, said he."

"All hail Gladstone" roared the Commons in unison.
by Backmypeel January 26, 2008
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the act of two persons, often similar in features, engaging in gay sexual activities and often leading near identical, pathetic lives.
you gladstoned the shit out of him last night and you live with him!
by Joeseph Bitz April 06, 2008
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In National Lampoon's "The Missing White House Tapes", the Impeachment Day Parade's commentators were Barbara Merkin and Wallace Gladstone.
by chris $ May 03, 2010
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Gladstone- also known as Gladhole, the biggest shithole in Queensland. Full of derros that mainly live in barneypoint and Toolooa. I advise you to wear shoes, never know what you can step on around here...
It’s full of 10 to 17 year old boys & girls that reckon they’re eshays, walking around in they’re polo, bumbag n they’re tns- either at a party, vortexing their drinks or at the local Maccas.

The fullas have half developed moustaches & all the girls got std’s. So always wear protection; on your willy & your feet ;) But is Gladiators have mad taste in music!
James: oi damo, are we going to late night tonight?
Damo: yeah I feel like staunching some kids.
James: but that’s what we did last week
Damo: i don’t care it, afterwards I got lucky with Jessica.
James: ah dude you better get checked out...
Damo: yeah I know, she is from Gladstone after all.
by EshaysAreUs October 02, 2019
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