to show another person "whats up" or "what's happening".
to beat your opponent down in a fight or sport.
to display great skill at something.
to sexually satisfy a girl in bed.
to show her "what's up" or "what's happening".

"I played Bob in a game of Madden last week and was giving him the business. He lost 37-3."

"Ashley and I went out drinking last night. We started fooling around back at her place; next thing ya know I was giving her the business!"
by BigDaddyKen March 19, 2009
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In a American football game, it is punching or striking an opponent in the crotch. It is usually done during the pileup after a tackle or the pile after a fumble.
After Mark fumbled the ball, Sean was busy giving him the business.
by khalid_king_of_jews August 14, 2015
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This is when you tear out all those business reply flyers in magazines and send them to your buds to piss them off.
Juan is being a jerk off so I will give him the business. Wait til he gets those magazines, and porn catalogs in the mail, hahaha. Asshole.
by Silk Brah March 29, 2008
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A slightly archaic euphemism for "hitting the family jewels." First used in the NFL in 1986 in an NFL game where the Jets defense tackled the Bills quarterback and starting hammering the qb right in the baby maker.

Second usage was during the Maryland vs North Carolina State football game where Number 69 of NC was penalized for doing the same thing.

In straight terms: punching someone in the balls.
*after the flag was thrown*
Referee: "Personal Foul, Number 69, offense. He was "giving him the business". Fifteen yard penalty, first down!"

*two friends talking*
Guy A: "Man, I would like to beat that bastard in. He makes me sick to the stomach."
Guy B: "Make sure you give him business while you're at it."
by Dom Sage October 7, 2013
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